Dear Emmy,

Hey Beauty. I wanted to tell you a little bit about your big brother.  When Mama was carrying you, he wished and hoped for a little brother.  He told me over and over and again and again that he wanted one so badly because he already had two sisters.  So when your birthday came and we told him on the phone that you were a baby girl, he was a puddle on the floor for about a half hour.  Yep, he was very sad.  But then he came to the hospital to meet you…


He loved you as soon as he saw you.  He loved you more when he first held your tiny body.  He kissed your cheek and it was almost as if he made up his mind right then that he was going to take very good care of you for always.  We brought you home and he kept kissing your cheek, laying beside you, staring at you…I think that no matter what he would have loved you, protected you.  But I also think that Jude knew before we knew…


I think something (Someone) whispered to Jude’s heart that you were going to need a little extra help in this world and he silently promised to be just that.  In the long, hard days in the beginning when your body ached, and you screamed and cried, he held you, shushed you, hugged you and kissed you.  He never got frustrated or told you to stop crying, he just pressed his cheek against your cheek and you would find comfort there.  I hope that you knew from the very beginning that he was on your team.  



I’m so thankful that you have him.  I love you baby girl.





5 thoughts on “Dear Emmy,

  1. This is so sweet, Katy. I wonder how big God is going to grow all your kid’s hearts because of little Emma? How many other lives will they touch with this compassion Emma is teaching them? Just beautiful.

    • Katy, you are such an inspiration to us. Your letters to Emmy with their beautiful, insightful words are so special, and will be a blessing to Emmy as she grows and continues to experience your, the family’s, and God’s wonderful, boundless love. – Aunt Ginger

      • Thank you so much Aunt Ginger. I appreciate you reading the letters and for your sweet words. God has already done so much to change me and He has brought “beauty from the ashes” from this whole experience. It won’t always be easy but I am thankful for the outlet to write about Emmy. It’s a blessing to me. I hope you are doing well!

    • Corrie, thank you. I know that even thought it won’t always be perfect, I hope that in the long run, God does use Emmy’s journey to grow my kids’ hearts towards others. Especially those with special needs, whatever they may be. I’m so thankful for them. I hope you had a good weekend. I pray for you and Adam often. Love to you.

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