Dear Emmy,


My Girl.  Last week you crawled.  I could just burst thinking about it.  We’ve worked so hard, Em! We’ve worked hard for a long time, but somehow when you started moving forward, all of those weeks of trying became a memory and we celebrated because Hope shone through. It was the first time your little body caught up to your mighty spirit.

And I was reminded that I don’t have to give up my dreams for you.  Not a single one.  My hopes for you abound and they are wide and vast, full of joy and the anticipation of all the celebrations we’ll have.  I’ve walked beside you but really it’s you, Em.  It’s you who climbs the mountain and it’s you who will do and say the things that make our eyes wide and our hearts swell.  So I say we keep going, we keep trying, we keep showing up and we keep hoping.

One thing I love is that you’ve given us a purpose that we didn’t have before.  You’ve given your siblings someone to cheer for.  Do you know they can’t walk in a room and not wonder where you are and what you are doing?  They want to know you are safe and happy and trying.  …”Where’s Emmy?” “Look at Emmy!” “Good Job, Emmy!”… I could listen all day because these are the things I now cherish.

These are the things I now cherish…