Dear Emmy,


You got a special pair of princess shoes that are going to help you stand up strong and start putting one foot in front of the other. We chose the butterfly print for you because Ava thought they suited you best. All this time, Mama has gotten the chance to let you be my baby girl (you’ll always be my baby girl), but now it’s time for me to put you down and let you learn to walk. Soon you may even do it without my hand holding yours and I couldn’t be more proud.  

I watch your face as you pull yourself up and I know how hard you are working just to see over each hurdle. You’ve tasted a little bit of freedom now and your smile beams as you look behind you to see if I see. I see you, Emmy girl.Image

Do you know that so many people cheer for you? They walked beside you and behind you a few weeks ago to show you that they think you’re wonderful. They showed up to help give you every chance you can get to walk strong and sure. And once again, we got to experience something new and good because of you.Image

You make this journey fun, Emmy.  Every time I look at you, I notice something new.  Some new beauty that makes me sing.  Goodnight Emmy girl.