Dear Emmy,

I was thinking yesterday about how every great story has a conflict, has a struggle. Every great story has the moments that make our mouths drop and our eyes widen. Or maybe even break our hearts…I was thinking about how skipping the hard parts makes for a lackluster story. And I don’t want lackluster for you….I want for you to live the full story…that one that makes us cry and cheer, the one that makes us love deep and live free. The one that makes us so thankful that you are in it. I don’t want to shield you from grief just like I don’t want to shield you from joy, Em.

When the day comes that you realize that your mind and heart work a little differently than others’, it will be hard. You will struggle with it and it may cause you to ask, “Why me?”. But I hope you also learn to ask yourself in those moments, “What can I learn?”, “Who can I now help?”, and “What is the Truth?”. I know you will find good things that you wouldn’t have found if not for the heartache. I know you will find gifts from Him in the unexpected places. Things don’t always go the way we hope, but then we don’t always know best, Emmy girl.

What will you do, Emmy with your life? I cannot wait to see.  I hope you learn how to brush the dust off your knees when you fall, how to look outside the fences of circumstance, how to take the chances that scare you, and how to tell us your uniquely amazing story.

You make life better for us, Emmy.


All My Love,