Dear Emmy,

It’s been two whole years since I first reached out to pull you in, since I first felt your head lay on my chest, and two years since I first tried to memorize your face.  Two years ago, I could not get over your hair as I stroked it with my hand, I let your tiny fingers wrap around mine, and I watched your Daddy hold you while you slept.  Two years ago I whispered my first prayer of thanks that you were here, part of our family, part of our story, and part of my heart.


Two years ago, I was a different Mommy-I was thankful for all I had but didn’t realize all I was missing.  I was fairly certain I knew how things would go for us, and unaware that life’s suprises could make me someone new.

Emmy, your smile reminds me of all that I am hopeful for and at the same time, all that I am grateful for just as it is today.  The words you say, the seconds you stand, the steps you take, the songs you sing…I love you more than I can tell you, more than these words I write.

Happy Second Birthday, Emmy Girl.