Dear Emmy,

I feel summer slipping away, one barefoot night at a time. I want to hold onto it-not let the freedom we find in late morning wake-ups and lazy breakfasts go.

We’ve had the adventures we hoped for and the everyday just being that fills up July afternoons. You’ve had sandy feet and salt water skin as you rediscovered the ocean and experienced the freedom of walking (walking!) on the beach and letting the tide touch your toes while you held on tight to my fingers. Your tan skin has reminded me that you’ve had your time in the sun, not left out because you couldn’t keep up.  I’ve loved brushing your long curls into a side ponytail over and over again to keep your neck cool and your brown eyes clear. We’ve eaten freeze-pops all day and you’ve learned how to push them up all by yourself, your tiny fingers not minding the sticky drips of grape and blue raspberry.  You’ve hustled down the sidewalk, chasing the bikes and scooters ridden by your friends, but your favorites were still bubbles and chatting, making sure everyone heard a hello. I’ve heard “Mommy, Mommy, watch this!” so many times to which I’d respond, “Ok, I’m watching” and only then you’d spin around in the grass or make a silly face.  You know what it is to have fun now, to tell us what you want and need and it’s all been so very sweet.  

So now the seasons are changing and I keep singing my old favorite song that says “Summer’s beginning to give up her fight”…and in my heart there’s a shift to what’s ahead for you when you turn three. School days and new teachers and this quiet time we’ve had at home won’t be all you know anymore. I do know that just like you’ve done great big things in our tiny living room and in our front yard, you’ll keep doing them in the new places. But as the leaves change this year, I’ll be holding you tight because the never-again days of toddlerhood will be ending. But I love all the seasons of you, Emmy, and just like we’ve learned to savor the summers and find hope in the winters, these new days will be rich with colors, songs, and new stories to tell. 

I love you all the time,