Dear Emmy,

Winter’s got it’s clutches on us again, it’s freezing fingers killing the green and disguising the sun. Dormant now is growth and bloom, each awaiting the hope of spring to come warm us again. Winter has a way of reminding me that Hope is coming. Just a little longer now to wait. Hope is coming but we must endure the icy months of chilling cold and darkest days.

I see you crying now, the tears running down your soft cheeks, dropping from your chin, they wet the backs of your small hands. Broken mood and broken heart, hurt feelings and pride and plans. I hear your words filled with longing as things didn’t work out the way you wanted. Again. Life can be so very disappointing, darling. I’m sorry that you’re sad. I’ve cried too, at the unfairness of it all…

…but that’s not the end of the story, that’s not the final word….

Listen, I hear Hope coming now. A song riding the frigid wind, ringing with better things, colorful dreams and better mornings. I hear Hope coming now in promises made by the only trustworthy Promiser.

I see you’re having a tough day, Emmy girl. Don’t worry darling, you’ll have another chance. Hope gives us another go and a thousand do-overs; little springs in winter’s midst all the year long. Five winters haven’t been enough for you to know, the waiting doesn’t last forever. Your day in the sun is coming.

There’s silence now, it seems you’re stuck. I know well the days it feels like we are going nowhere. Time stands still and the end seems hidden from sight. That’s when we put on our boots and trudge forward through the deep, formidable snow. One foot, then two Emmy. We’ll get there. Just keep going, just keep hoping.

Yes, winter has a way of reminding me that Hope is coming. For now we wait and life feels good…but not quite whole, not quite right, not quite what it was meant to be. Spring will be here before you know it, it’s right on winter’s heels. Chin up, my darling. I’ll keep you warm. Winter won’t be our forever, it won’t be the end of our story. Hope will push new life up through frozen soil and then we will see the colors again. Just stand by and you’ll see-it’ll be worth the while of waiting and wanting. Hope is coming, I know it.

Love you always,


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