Dear Emmy,

You should hear the things they are saying about you. Now that you’re walking the halls of elementary school. Now that you’re a Kindergartner. They watch you bounce into class every morning, backpack half your size, ponytail swishing. We’re four weeks in to your first big year and I’m fairly certain the majority of people in the building know your name; probably because you’ve asked them for theirs, shaken their hand and said in your familiar way, “It’s nice to meet you!”

You should hear the things they are saying about you. How they didn’t expect such big feelings around the presence of a tiny girl. How they can’t believe the way your big brother and sister hold your hand with pride, arms swinging in sync, fingers laced together till you’re delivered safely to your waiting teachers.

They’re saying things about you, Em. ‘Cause there’s never been anyone else like you at our little neighborhood school. You’re a wonder. Not perfect, not above a bumpy road or complex instruction-but a wonder none the less. You bounded into all of our lives-asking us to notice, asking us to be patient, asking us to slow down, asking us to really see you in all of your God-given uniqueness. You give us a new frame of reference, shifting our predictable landscapes into an altogether different terrain.

You should hear the things they’re saying about you because time with you makes for a pretty happy day. While you’re just doing what you do, you make us laugh, you make us dance, you make us feel like a million undeserved bucks. Proof that what is good in life doesn’t always come easy-we didn’t get here without some blood, sweat and tears. Without desperate prayers and moments of foot-stomping frustration. But here we are none the less, counting our blessings and lessons learned.

They’re saying some good things about you, Em. But we’ve only just begun. We love you Emmy girl.



One thought on “Dear Emmy,

  1. Dear Emmy,
    You’ve learned so much already ! You’ve learned the sounds different letters make. I wasn’t sure you knew what letters were. You’ll be reading in no time. Continue to bring joy to all who you meet. I love you Emmy girl!

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