My name is Katy. I’m a mom of four and a follower of Jesus who all of the sudden has a whole lot to say.  When our youngest daughter Emmy was diagnosed with the genetic disorder of Williams Syndrome at 8 months of age, our world took a bit of a detour and as we tried to hold on to the wheel, I was surprised to find many things falling into place as we now saw life through a different lens.  Our perspectives and priorities changed…for the better.  No longer do we take the small things for granted. “Dear Emmy” is a blog that contains mostly letters to Emmy from me. I hope to capture some of these emotions as we travel this road.  If you happen to stumble on my blog and are the parent of a special needs child or even the parent of another Williams Syndrome child, I hope you find a connection here.  If you are not a parent of a special needs child, I hope to introduce you to one from the very beginning of her life so that you might have a glimpse into her unique world.  Thanks for reading.


You can learn more about Williams Syndrome here: http://www.williams-syndrome.org/ws

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